Class Schedule

Able Mind & Body

Now Located in the Newport Athletic Club

66 Valley Rd, Middletown, RI  02842


TO reach Jackie:  401-500-3063


~ Please bring a towel to class & carry your workout shoes into the studio!  Thank you!

~ Schedule is subject to change!  

***All ABLE classes are now held at the Newport Athletic Club!!


730am  ZumbaLisa

8:30am Cardio Dance – Monique

9:15am Cardio 30 – Shelly (PT Studio)

9:30am Body Sculpt – Steph

9:45am  Loaded Guns – Shelly  (PT Studio)

10:30am Core 30 – Steph

11am Stretch & Lengthen – Steph

12:15pm TRX 30 – Dave

4:30pm Barre Classic – Lisa

4:30pm Warrior Workout – Jackie (PT Studio)

5:30pm Group Power  – Shelly 

5:30pm Kickboxing – Tish  (PT Studio)

6:35pm Cardio Dance – Eddie


6:00am Group Power – Barb

8:00am Tabata Basics  Lisa

845am  TRX Basics 30 – Lisa

8:30am Pilates  Jackie (PT Studio)

9:30am Zumba – Zaida

930am  Rear View – Jackie  (PT Studio)

10:45am Gentle Yoga – Beth

12:15pm Abs 30 – Anna

4:30pm Loaded Guns – Jackie

5:00pm TRX Abs 30 – Jackie

5:30pm Cardio Dance – Eddie

6:35pm Kick & Abs  –  Eddie


6:00am Tabata Cardio & Abs – Rachel

8:30am Zumba – Monique

9:15am Interval Training  – Lisa (PT Studio)

930am  Group Power - Anna

10:35am  Core 20 – Lisa

11am Stretch & Lengthen – Steph

12:15pm Kettle 30 – Anna

1:00pm Full Body TRX – Jackie

4:30pm Barre Fitness – Jackie

5:30pm Steel & Straps – Jackie

6:35pm Zumba – Zaida


7:00am Zumba – Lisa

8:30am Barre Fitness – Jackie

9:30am Cardio Dance – Jackie

10:45am Pilates – Beth

12:15pm Zumba – Zaida

4:30pm   Spin & Sculpt – Lauren

5:30pm Yoga – Kerry

6:40pm  Buti Yoga – Beth  


6am  HIIT – Shelly

7:45am Cardio & Abs – Anna

8:30am Cardio Dance – Jackie

9:30am Kettle Bells – Kathy

10:30am Barre Classic - Lisa

1:00pm Steel & Straps – Jackie 

4pm  Zumba - Monique

4pm Kids Fitness – Jackie (PT Studio)*Extra Fee*

5:00pm Rear View – Tish


8am  Group Power – Anna

830am  Zumba – Zaida  (PT Studio)

9:30am Cardio Dance – Jackie

930am  Cardio & Core – Martina (PT Studio)

10:45am  Yoga Soul - Karen


8:15am Zumba – Lisa

9:30am Abs 30 – Eddie

10:00am Cardio Dance – Eddie


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training consists of timed intervals of plyometrics, cardio, & core conditioning.

Spin & Sculpt – The class starts with 30 min of spinning followed by a 30 minute full body sculpting in the group ex room.  Please get to the spin room early to adjust your bike!!

Buti Yoga – fuses yoga, tribal dance, & plyometric core movements. BUTI combines various styles of Hatha yoga with simple tribal-influenced movements to keep the heart rate up & free the spirit. Super sweaty & fun.  . Beginners welcome.

Yoga Soul – a yoga flow to soul music!

Rear View – focused on leg shaping, sculpting & strengthening.  Abs are included!!!

Barre Classic – a traditional ballet barre workout that tones, stretches,and defines.

Barre Fitness – a fitness style barre that lifts, lengthens and tones.  Balls, weights, and bands are incorporated.

Kick & Abs Collabo – Eddie & Kim have joined  forces to challenge and guide all levels in this kickboxing and abs combo class.

Trifusion– 45 minutes of cardio, weights, & trx training!

Cardio Sprints – 45 minutes of cardio, plyometric, sculpting drills.  High calorie burning workout that flies by!

Load & Wash – A combination of the loaded guns class with core training to develop washboard abs!!  ALL LEVELS!

Cardio & Kettle – 45 minutes of cardio boxing &  kettlebell conditioning!

Cardio Dance – a fun easy to follow dance workout –?every song has a routine and styles include reggae, pop,?hip hop, club and oldies.  ALL LEVELS!

Loaded Guns – a 30-minute focusing on strengthening and defining arms only!!!!  ALL LEVELS!

Power Legs – A 45 minute of legs & core strengthening class using weights, plyos and resistance exercises. ALL LEVELS!!

TRX a full body training that trains the core like no other workout using suspension straps!! Reservations required!

Kids Fitness –  Fun  workouts with a mix of fun fitness exercises for kids 6-12 years old!

Cardio 30 – quick & sweaty! 30 minutes of a tabata style cardio!  ALL LEVELS!

Cross Train (CT) Mix the perfect combination of heart pumping cardio and intense strength training with varied formats week to week.

Barre Fitness – Sculpting, toning, strengthening core & legs using the barre.  ALL LEVELS!

Mudder Madness – A powerhouse workout designed to prep members for the tough mudder obstacle course using power drills, cardio sprints, plyo and strength combos.  A crazy intense workout for anyone who loves a challenge!!!

Pilates – Flexibility and core strength are essential for longevity in fitness!  This class Is the perfect balance of both!

** TRX classes are limited to 11 people  – reservations are required**


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