Member of the Month

I would like to congratulate Tami DeMello Donahue as the Able MindBodyAugust Member of the Month. The member of the month is sponsored byMGB studio and as her prize, Tami gets to pick out a custom bracelet of her choice created by Monique Burgess. Able pics members who have a positive attitude, encourage others, promote Able to their friends and on social media, and have made fitness gains with us!

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Here’s more about Tami:
Age: 42
How long have you been a member of Able: 2 years I think maybe 2 and 1/2 years

How did you hear about Able: Had never exercised before so I was looking for a gym and thought I would try this one, and have loved it every since!

What has been your experience at Able up till now: I love ALL the classes and instructors! Again, I had never worked out before and Able makes it fun and encouraging so you want to come back….

What classes do you take? I try at least all of them, but my favorites are Cardio, weights, TRX, Barre….they are all great!

How many times a week do you workout? at least 6 times a week if not 7
What is your biggest success this far? I feel stronger and more physically fit and have more energy!

What is your future fitness goal? to become more tone, strong and help maintain my bone health.

Tell us more about you: I am a mother of 2 children who never really took time for myself. Since going to Able, I now feel that this is my time, it makes me a more active and an engaged parent. Not only do I feel better physically but by participating in Able Mind & Body’s classes I feel my stress levels have decreased and I actually enjoy the workouts! I feel great after them!

Any additional comments:
Like I previously mentioned, I had never worked out before I joined Able Mind and Body. But since joining I feel I have become part of a family. The classes are small and welcoming and all members are encouraging to everyone! They offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels and I appreciate all the encouragement I have received over the past couple of years. Thank you Jackie and everyone for helping us all and especially for helping me to become fit and strong!

June Member of the Month – Caren Cole

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May Member of the Month - Lisa Wright