Hey Jackie,  It’s Meep, how are you doing? Please accept a big Thank You from me!! When I first joined Able I had just lost 40 lbs but was still struggling to find the courage to go to a gym and workout. I was encouraged to go to your Wednesday morning class as a starting point. Thanks to your Able Staff, in particular Rachel, I was able to overcome that fear and for the first time in a very long time wanted very badly to become as physically fit as possible. Trying to get to that goal was not easy, Rachel was very patient and always encouraged me and pushed me to do the best that I could. I had a number of injuries and there was always encouraging words to help push me through those injuries. I was hoping to be able to take more of your classes after my downtime recuperating from shoulder surgery and am confident that the Group Exercise Schedule that you put together over at the Athletic Club will prove to be just as inspiring/challenging as the Group Exercises that you had over at Able. Be proud of what you accomplished over at Able, I am sure you and your instructors changed a number of peoples lives in their quest to become physically fit. All I can tell you is that my major goal after surgery was to get back down on the floor and do a pushup, plank and squat thrust!! That would have never been my goal prior to joining Able. That goal helped push me through both the injury recovery and physical therapy sessions. I want to thank you very much for putting my membership on hold during my recuperation. Not sure how that is affected with this change. When you have a chance can you let me know. Please know that it will be no problem if you can not uphold this, I understand. Just need to figure out what I need to do prior to the transition to the Athletic Club. Thanks again to both yourself and Rachel for all of the support and encouragement that you provided to me as a member of Able Mind & Body.  Meep Mendonca
 Hi Jackie, I’m psyched tonight because I realized I can fit into a suit that hasn’t fit me in at least 5 years. Its totally the Able classes making a difference both through exercise and motivating me in general. Thanks for having such great classes and instructors!  Paula Steele
 As a child who grew up in the 80s, witnessing the birth of MTV, idolizing Michael Jackson and mesmerized by the moves of Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson & Madonna alike, I would’ve never have imagined at 43 that I would be learning some of the moves like those artists Today!!!!

Owner & founder, Jackie Henderson and her exceptional former student Eddie now instructor are both ENORMOUSLY GIFTED choreographers and dancers that I have had the pleasure of taking classes with at Able, Body & Mind/Off the curb over the past few months! This place is truly a gem on Aquidneck Island; a very special treasure to be found! I rarely write a testimonial but am so inclined to do so because I am genuinely grateful for this privilege & experience!  As an active, health conscious person & over the years I have typically joined a gym for a period of time then left for a period of time b/c I’m unchallenged, unmotivated and bored all at the same time!!  Yet, instinctually I also realize & know the importance & beauty of exercise thru movement in any possible way, in being a healthy, thriving person!  I never in my wildest dreams thought that I had an option to get this kind of exercise through dance!!!  The classes offered here- awaken a forgotten sexiness in me, guaranteed Fun routine, amazing & current hip hop music and the time of your life experience!! Hang on people!! Taking the classes at Able have sincerely been life-changing for me and I am certain & am hopeful that I will be dancing until I’m 90 years old!   In life trying new things can be daunting and even scary. The warm & fun nature of both Jackie & Eddie will dissolve that fear within seconds because they each create a non- judgmental, non threatening atmosphere seasoned with healthy dose of Attitude!! Just get up & dance!!  My Only regret of this class is that we don’t have a recital so we can actually share our routines with our family and friends! I think they would all be blown away at what we do & I will boldly add that I would totally be surprised if many others would not be signing up immediately after watching to join!!!!  They would see us beam, pouring out sweat of joy, and shaking our butts off!!!   I truly feel like I did when I was 12 years old. Hangin’ in the basement with a boom box plugged into the wall, my girlfriends & I preparing for the school talent show creating our version of the next best MTV video!! Lol Yes! You should join! IT IS THAT MUCH FUN!!!!!   Lianna Slater  

I have worked out for years but the last couple of years I have been working out at Able. Since I started at Able, I have increased my bone density levels. I had the onset of osteoporosis and my latest bone density test revealed an increase in my bone density in the last 2 years. That means no medication is necessary and that is great for me. The doctor says just keep working out. Thank you Jackie and all of your Able instructors for all the great classes. You keep me going in the right direction. Caren Cole

“Since I joined Able in February 2013, I feel great and I feel stronger.  I have gone d own 2 dress sizes.  I also noticed that I sleep better.  Most importantly, my cholesterol went down from 333 to 139 this year.  With Jackie’s help, her dedicated and knowledgeable trainers, and the support of other members.  I continue to enjoy coming to the variety of exercise classes.  My favorites are cardio dance, Insanity, tabata, and TRX.  The classes are not crowded which is perfect for me.  And there is plenty of parking without having too walk too far.  I look forward to attending exercise classes at Able.”  Guia Coleman

“Just looking at my shoulders today! AM&B is working for me! 14 pounds since feb. and a dump truck load of fat gone! Now 22 more pounds to go and another dump truck load to go!  I enjoy the classes, expertise of the instructors, and also the Members who encourage and support all who walk in the door!  Thanks Jackie!”  Wendy Bulk  
“Able Mind & Body is awesome!!  Great variety of classes.  Jackie challengeme without intimidation!”    Kathy Prendergast
“Able instructors provide awesome classes that are challenging, supportive and fun!”    Jen Copeland
The variety and quality of classes and staff are amazing!!!  Instructors give a lot of attention to each participant, helping him/her to continuously improve.  There is something for everyone here!”   Michael Desrosiers
“I really do not like exercising, but I am so glad I found Able Mind & Body.  Able Mind is a friendly, positive atmosphere and I actually look forward to working out now.  There is a great choice of classes throughout the week and always a little change to the class to keep it fun and challenging.  Be prepared to work hard, sweat and feel the pain…but you will have fun getting there!” Stacey Marr
“Jackie,   Thank you again so much for your ability to jump right in and be awesome!  I heard the girls really loved the workshop and I look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thanks and take good care.”     Amber Fearn * Outdoor Program Specialist * Girl Scouts of Rhode Island, Inc.
” You can’t help but smile and let go when you’re in ANY of Jackie’s classes.  Power Meditation leaves you centered and relaxed while Cardio Dance leaves you exhilerated and dripping with sweat; the BEST classes around.  Thanks Jackie, looking forward to the next one.”  Lindsey Viveiros
“I’ve been looking for somewhere to dance since I moved to Rhode Island 3 years ago. I finally found Able Mind and Body, where Jackie’s cardio dance class helps me connect with a passion of mine and also get a great workout. I’ve always struggled with running and cardio dance is a great substitute. I feel like I’ve run a few miles at the end of every class, and better yet, I had fun doing it. The routines are constantly changing so I never get bored, and Jackie eases us into all the new dance steps without ever having to stop the music. So glad I found Able!”  Lisa Portis
“Cardio Dance is the perfect workout for anyone who loves to shake it! I absolutely swear by it. I actually smile while I’m doing this workout because it is so much fun! You would never see me do that on a treadmill!”  Marley Williams
“I have been a member at several gyms over the years and was tired of spending time at the gym and not seeing results. Since joining Able Mind and Body I have met both my weight and body fat goals! The positive atmosphere and variety of classes have changed my life. All of the instructors are sensitive to your needs and know how to push you beyond your limits. I always walk out of class feeling like I have accomplished something and the positive energy stays with me and keeps me wanting to go back for more!”  Amy Quintal
“A senior who was welcomed to participate in 2012 Flash dance. Awesome!”   Liza Cohane
Jackie is genuine, responsible and serious about her approach to fun! She is also knowledgeable about the human body. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any classes. I am over 60 yrs old and survived her rehearsals for last summers Flash Mob Dance danced at the Tall Ships in Newport. She dutifully posted the dance in sequenced youTube videos that helped me tremendously with learning the steps.    Go Jackie go!”   Lindsay Green
“Jackie has been a tremendous influence on both of my kids, who go to her TRX Kids class. Thursday afternoon is a much anticipated time for them because they are so psyched about their class with Jackie. She makes the class challenging, yet fun, and she brings new ideas each week, to keep the kids excited and eager for more! As a parent I appreciate that Jackie treats the kids with respect and dignity, and in return, she gains admiration, respect, and gratitude from the kids, by setting the example of what a positive role model is.

After starting with Jackie, my son encouraged me to take a TRX class as well. After starting the TRX classes with Jackie, I felt so comfortable in her studio that I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try a dance class. I love the physical challenge of the TRX classes, and I also love the added mental challenge of the dance, trying to remember the dance routine, while moving about the room.

Jackie has a wonderful approach in her studio because she not only focuses on the physical body, but she also offers many lectures and workshops on the personal and emotional parts of the human experience.

Kudos to Jackie for creating a new and unique experience in the “studio gym” culture!”

Blair Alexander

“What I like about Able Mind and Body is the variety of workout options. I find that if I don’t surprise my body every now and then with a new challenge, it gets used to the exercise and doesn’t have to work as hard. The result is, I don’t get the results I want. Able Mind and Body offers plenty of opportunities to leave my comfort zone and really challenge myself. The best part – no matter what workout I choose, it’s always fun!”   Cheryl Boergesson